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Description : When making a compound the component will generally have symmetries that are also symmetries of the compound. This could lead to extra coincident copies of the component, but by default these coincident copies are removed (to keep them use the -I option). The more symmetries that are shared the fewer the copies of the component in the compound. In this example a cube in natural position is repeated to have full icosahedral symmetry. If the cube was positioned randomly the compound would generally contain 120 copies of it, but with this special alignment there are a lot of common symmetries and the resulting compound contains only five copies of the cube. Use the -Q option for some information about the compound, including the number of components.

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poly_kscope cube -m f,compound -s Ih -Q | antiview
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kscope_sIc_1.jpg  62KB JPEG image, 800 x 600 pixels
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