Antiprism Modules for Geomview

Antiprism Modules for Geomview

The Antiprism programs natively work with Geomview-compatible OFF format, and their output is easily opened by Geomview.

However, for convenience, here are some Geomview Modules to make certain Antiprism features directly available from within Geomview.

The modules are:

Antiprism Models

The antiprism_models module makes the internal collection of polyhedron models included in the Antiprism package available to be viewed by and imported into Geomview.


The antiprism_models module displaying a uniform polyhedron in Geomview

Download and Setup


The antiprism_models module must be built from source, and requires the following to be installed: C++ build tools; GTK+ development package; recent Antiprism snapshot.


Download the antiprism_models-0.01.tar.gz source package.


Unpack the source package.

If the required packages have been installed to the system the module may be built with e.g.

If, Antiprism has been installed to a personal directory, say /home/me/antiprism, the module would be built with e.g.
   CPPFLAGS=-I/home/me/antiprism/include LDFLAGS=-L/home/me/antiprism/lib/ ./configure --prefix=/home/me/antiprism
This will let the build know where to find the Antiprism components and, if installing, will install the module in with the local Antiprism installation.

Test the Module

When the build has completed, test the module by changing to the package data directory and running Geomview
   cd data
You should be able to select Antiprism Modules from Geomview's module list to start the module. Click on some models in the left hand list of the module window and they will be loaded for view in Geomview. Click on the module Help button for more details.

Return to the top-level package directory when done

   cd ..


If desired, install the module with
   make install
or, if installing to a system directory and superuser priviliges are required, run this as
   sudo make install
Assuming the installed module is on your PATH, add the following line to your .geomview file to make the module available within Geomview
   (emodule-define "Antiprism Models" "antiprism_models")