Jitterbug GL

Jitterbug GL

Jitterbug GL is a GLUT based viewer which displays models based on R. Buckminster Fuller's jitterbug transformation.

Usage Guide

Download the program, and follow the setup instructions for your system.

Run the program. A window will appear displaying a basic ball based jitterbug.

Rotate the model by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse.

The right mouse button pops up a menu with all the options. The options all have a letter and can also be changed using the keyboard.



Screen shot showing several instances of the program running (the models are actively jitterbugging)

Download and Setup

Download the windows executable jitterbug_gl.exe, and a copy of the GLUT library OpenGLUT.dll. Save them to the same directory then run the executable. It doesn't take any arguments so you could double click on it.

Mac OS X 10.4
Mac executables kindly provided by Phil Earnhardt. Download the Mac executable jitterbug_gl_ppc (or for Intel based Macs jitterbug_gl_i386, which should run faster). Change the permissions of the file to make it executable, using a command like
chmod 0555 jitterbug_gl_ppc

Linux / Unix
People with unix-like systems should be able to build from the source (needs OpenGL and GLUT libraries and headers installed). Download the source file jitterbug_gl.c, and build with a command like
gcc -W -Wall -o jitterbug_gl jitterbug_gl.c -lm -lGL -lGLU -lglut