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Description : poly_kscope repeats a model symetrically, acting like a polyhedral kaleidoscope. Only one example is included here, there are more in the poly_kscope examples album.

When making a compound the component will generally have symmetries that are also symmetries of the compound. It could be difficult to align a component into a position where symmetries are shared using rotations and translations, as an alternative there is a facility to do this directly by symmetry. The option -y list will list all arrangements of the component and final symmetry according to how the component can be aligned to share a common symmetry group with the kaleidoscope. To make the model rerun the command but replace 'list' with the number and any optional realignment. Running this for the previous cube example, produces a list with 20 items

poly_kscope cube -s Ih -y list
The last number is 19 and corresponds to the compound of 5 cubes, as in the previous example
poly_kscope cube -s Ih -y 19 | antiview
In the following example the cube will be aligned on a C3v axis, and the optional realignment translates the cube 2 units along the icosahedral 3-fold axis.

View this model with the command

poly_kscope cube -m f,compound -s Ih -y 8,:2  | antiview -v 0.05
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